The series of 5 abstract paintings without a general name, including a multi-layered perception. In the paintings rectangles of various shapes are used, layered one on the other and also the semantic layers overlap and complement each other.
The inspiration for the series was a coctail of the picturesque practices of the avant-garde and Suprematism and the Western abstract painting (abstract expressionism and neoplasticism), which two completely different directions - they are reconciled among themselves despite the Cold war between the east and the west (Malevich, Lisitsky on the one hand and Mondrian, Dusburg and Rotko).
The first layer is completely subconscious, using the theory that warm colors "moving" to us, and cold "moving" from us, creates a sense of volume and air in the picture, movement and disintegration, while remaining one by the limitations of the canvas.
2nd layer is a feelings from each color - for example:
• green / brown can be associated with life, vegetation, land;
• red with fire, blood, aggression;
• black with a secret, unknown, cosmos;
• white and yellow with air (cold piercing and warm summer wind);• blue with water.
Despite the fact that these are completely different "elements", each contains particles of the rest and all this is interconnected and intertwined. So a series of these paintings with a fundamental color on the background contains all the other colors inside, as in some elements contain particles of the rest.
The third layer is contained in the form of the pictures - rectangles and squares, inside which there are rectangles and squares, the pictures are also in the room on a rectangular wall, which creates inheritance from the vast world to the smaller, and from it to the microworld.
1)  Painting with white color background: oil on canvas, 50x60cm, matte UV-protective varnish;
2)  Painting with red color background: oil on canvas, 60x80cm, glossy UV-protective varnish;
3)  Painting with black color background: oil on canvas, 60x80cm, glossy UV-protective varnish;
4)  Painting with blue color background: oil on canvas, 100x100cm, glossy UV-protective varnish;
5)  Painting with green color background: oil on canvas, 100x120cm, glossy UV-protective varnish.
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